Rewards Program

How it Works

Become a member at ANTING to enjoy perks like birthday deals, member discounts & redeemable points.


Create an account for free and get 5 points instantly.


Earn points for shopping, engaging and leaving a review on our site.


For every RM 1 spent, you earn 1 point. Stack your points & redeem them as money off your future orders. Points are automatically added to your account after your order is confirmed.

How to Earn Points

RM 1 = 1 point

Your Birthday Gift

80 points

Leave a review (per product)

3 points

Create an account

5 points

Earn more, save more

For every RM 100 spent, you get RM 1 off your next order.

You can accumulate your points too & redeem whenever you wish.

Need clarification regarding our rewards system? Reach us via email at