Our Journey

AntingbyCamilla (Anting means “earrings” in Malay) was created for lovers of everything minimal, yet distinctive. Taking the sweet spot between affordability and quality, our jewellery are unique to the touch and accessible to all. They are designed to be timeless and essential, simple yet sophisticated and endearing yet bold in its ways.

Designed and curated with purpose and passion, AntingbyCamilla is more than just a jewellery brand — It’s a lifestyle. We believe in empowerment, positivity and the importance of self-expression. We strive to inspire women to create, share and live their own stories through our jewellery. Each and every design will tell a different story, live different experiences and create different memories. With AntingbyCamilla, you not only collect little pleasures, you collect memories and experiences. Wear them often. Show the world what you’re made of.

At AntingbyCamilla, we are consciously offering designs that encourages you to indulge in self expression. To be whoever you want to be. To be free from the idea of having to give in to societal standards of beauty.

To be truly and unapologetically, you.