Hi, there! Hope everyone is having a great day.

The Revival Collection, our fundraising collaboration with Kinabalu Pink Ribbon just launched recently – and I thought I’d share on how the collection came about, what it means to me, why I support this foundation – and why you should too! ( + exclusive BTS shots from this campaign).

Apart from October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, this collection was inspired by my grandmother, Linda, who was diagnosed (and survived!) breast cancer at the age of 66. She fought with such great courage and high spirits; never disheartened, always hopeful. She radiates such warmth and kindness to everyone around her. Her strength and courage is remarkable and only deserves to be celebrated – together with all other women who have been or are still being challenged by breast cancer.

This first piece in this collection is Strength earring. As pink ribbon is the international symbol of breast cancer awareness, this was the first design I envisioned during the creative process. Adding a touch of feminity and class with gold and rose gold hues, this piece would never go unnoticed.


We invited five breast cancer survivors to model this collection. At AntingbyCamilla, we believe in inclusivity, regardless of age, skin tone and social status. For most of the ladies, this photoshoot was an entirely new experience for them, and they were such darlings to work with! All I wanted out of this photoshoot was to create new experiences for others, to encourage to step out of your comfort zone and to confident in your own skin.

We also produced an ad campaign for this collection, featuring five beautiful women who shared about their journey with breast cancer. Full video is available on our Instagram (IGTV).

For every purchase of The Revival Collection, you fund for a woman’s journey towards overcoming breast cancer.

Thank you for consciously making a decision to support this cause. It truly warms my heart knowing that this small initiative can make make a huge impact on another person’s life and I hope it warms your heart too.

Photographer: @roshansehkar

Location: One Roof Cafe, Luyang

Models: Annie Chin, Linda Abdullah, Lucilla Pang, Natrah Arif, Susanna Kwan