What’s the difference between products listed in “As Is” category and the normal range?

There a variety of different reasons why a certain design is categorised under As Is category, as stated below:

(1) Extra designs from limited edition collections/sets

(2) Samples that did not make the cut (we do alot of experimenting during the creative process!)

(3) Natural materials (pearls/shells) that have a little bit more “quirk” than what is displayed the product photos

As we use mostly natural materials in our design, no two materials will be exactly the same.

In every batch of materials, there is bound to be some pieces that are very much different than the rest in terms of colour/size/texture/shape. To uphold our quality standards and also customer expectations, we will be categorising all of these pieces under one category. This way, you will know exactly what you’ll be getting!

(4) Slightly imperfect pieces (minor discolouration/scratches etc). Any flaws will be clearly stated in the description.

All items under our as is category are strictly non exchangeable & non refundable.